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Varshika Brahmotsavam
06-02-2019 Wednesday to 08-02-2019 Friday
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About Pratyangira Devi Temple

Sri Siddeshwarananda Bharati
Sri Pratyangira Parameshwari Devi Temple has started in the year 2005 by Shivasri Mulugu Mallikarjuna Rao. Under the guidance of Sri Sri Sri Siddeshwarananda Bharathi Swamiji, Kurtalam Pitam.

Shivasri Mulugu Mallikarjuna Rao at the age of 14 learned sharabha salvam, Varahi, etc from his great grand fathers. From the last 21 years he is performing Lakshmi ganapathy, Rudra, Chandi, Kalabhairava, Maha pratyangira parameshwari homams. Till now he has performed around 75 yagnams ( 100 Homam = 1 Yagnam).

About three decades ago Shivasri Mulugu Mallikarjuna Rao along with pandits of rug veda and Yajur veda went to manasasarovar and performed a homam. They were surprised to see Kailasa parvatha as lord shiva and one beside it as Sri chakra. They realised that Pratyangira parameshwari Devi too existed at the same place and started chanting the Moola mantra of pratyangira. After 2 - 3 hours of chanting. Devi gave her Divya darsanam with a baby simha mukham (Lioness face).

This is india's first pratyangira parameshwari devi temple where the idol is installed. It is believed that by worshiping her, problems related to Health, Wealth, Educational, Marital, Political,etc would be vanquished by doing a homam with Dry red Chillies.

The speciality of this homam is no Pungency or cough is felt while the homam is performed with dry red chillies.

There were total 50 Yagnams performed in Adharvana Veda after the sculpture work of Prathyangira parameshwari Devi at temple was done. A Black serpent ( Krishna sarpam) has come and surrounded the Kalasha Pot while performing ritual Pooja programme ( Prana Prathista) this is treated as an existence of pratyangira parameshwari devi in the temple.

Sometimes, This black serpent is visible in the temple and a sound of Devi's Foot bracelets is heard. This clearly signifies the presence of pratyangira parameshwari devi.